Foxboro Extension Line

There is a new commuter MBTA train stop in Foxboro beginning on October 21st, 2019! This Project began in 2010, when the Foxboro Commuter Rail Feasibility Study took place. Throughout the next nine years, the proper steps took place to ensure consistent train service to the area, a credit to the persistence of community leaders like Representative Barrows. Finally, in August of 2017, the FMCB approved the Pilot Program to begin in October of 2019.

The additional service offers some unique opportunities. The area now has a greater opportunity for reverse commuting which will fill the numerous diverse jobs by providing a convenient commute which is also cost and energy efficient. Not only will this reduce congestion on our roadways, but it will help our environment too! As we will surely see large quantities of workers commute from the district to Boston, we can now see more workers help our local economies by bringing their professional talent from Boston to our area.




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